Robert Pattinson is still in hiding a week after he discovered Kristen Stewart had been cheating on him with director, Rupert Sanders. He is understandably heartbroken, humiliated and trying to set his world to rights again. The ultimate betrayal is never easy to process, even if you are a Hollywood movie star. He is still just a human being.


According to friends of the actor who spoke with People magazine, Rob is obviously “heartbroken and angry,” in the aftermath of the cheating scandal. It is one thing to be cheated on, but to have to see the photographic evidence and have everybody in the world privy to such private information, that is devastating.

Right now, Rob is apparently hoping to find the answers to his troubles at the bottom of a bottle. Reporter Carlos Greer reports, “he’s been drinking and relying on friends to deal with the pain.” Although drinking away the pain is fairly useless, it is his way of coping for right now.

Other outlets, meanwhile, report that Pattinson has returned to the most dangerous habit of all: smoking.

The star is reportedly holed up inside Reese Witherspoon’s vacation home in California and we’ll mostly likely see him in public again on August 13 when Cosmopolis premieres in New York City.

As for the woman who destroyed Rob’s spirit? Greer says Stewart feels terrible. She is “remorseful” and “beating herself up over this.”

This is not Roberts first problem with booze.. in 2011 it was reported by the Enquirer “Rob’s drinking has been a concern for a while now,” a so-called “close source” tells the magazine, later adding, “He’s clearly having issues with stardom and we want him to get help before he turns into a Hollywood casualty.”

And back in 2008: rumors claim that Robert Pattinson is headed for rehab thanks to too much partying. He spends most of his free time drinking with friends. Most recently he has spent time at La Conversation, Chateau Marmont and Teddy’s. Rob’s drink of choice is an ice cold Heineken. All of his nights spent drinking are reportedly adding up and are said to be causing issues for “New Moon.”

Crushed: Robert Pattinson Drinking Again

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