The Mindy Project fashion: Mindy’s leather sleeve cardigan

@samantha_helmig Apr 11 @Possessionista can you locate this sweater? I need it!

@Possessionista can you locate this sweater? I need it! -
@samantha_helmig via twitter


I’m always a little aggravated when a TV show puts together two characters whose palpable sexual tension keeps the show going. Never has this been more the case than Moonlighting – once David and Maddie did the deed, there really was no reason for the show to carry on.

And in second place is the Mindy Project which unnecessarily put Mindy and Danny together. The only thing making it worse, for me, is that just two episodes later they broke them up. My guess is that Mindy and Danny would have defied the odds if The Mindy Project hadn’t secured it’s third season, but now that we know Mindy and her merry medical misfits will be around for another season, they had no choice but to have Danny break Mindy’s heart.

What can we expect but a third season on Danny stressing about Mindy dating people who aren’t quite right.

And Mindy reminding him that they were on a break.

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Exact: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

Look for Less: Gianni Bini (Dillards)

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Clothes from How I Met Your Mother finale

robin-dressScreen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.45.00 PM

Robin’s blue dress

Michael Kors

On a scale of Lost to Breaking Bad, the How I Met Your Mother finale fell somewhere around Gossip Girl. I mean, it wasn’t perfect, but at least it wasn’t all a dream. (Dammit, Bob Newhart.)

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Robin’s boucle jacket



Lily’s owl print blouse

J Crew


Robin’s nude blouse



Robin’s print tank


Jeans: Current Elliot


Tracey’s lovebird sweater

J Crew


Lily’s plaid shirt

Band of Outsiders


Robin’s keyhole blouse

Enzo Costa

similar: Vince Camuto


Lily’s red peplum top


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Minnie Driver’s embroidered maxi from About A Boy

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.34.36 PM6584

Minnie Driver’s Maxi


I’ve received so many emails about Minnie Driver’s tribal dress from tonight’s About a Boy that I wanted to get it posted now (even though I haven’t seen the episode yet.) Check back for the full About a Boy fashion recap tomorrow.

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Nashville Fashion: Clothes from Your Wild Life


Nashville Fashion

Rayna’s black and white Ikat top

Fifteen Twenty

When last I watched Nashville (yes I’m an episode behind) bitchy Juliette was back and bitchier than ever. Scarlett rejoined her tour and Juliette was all, “You can’t sit with us,” and then Scarlett wore sweatpants on Monday and played the piano.

Boo you whore.

Maddie is all kinds of trouble with her Youtube persona Maddie Claybourne that is fooling absolutely no one. Aside: I think Maddie is totally going to be the kind of girl who falls in love and buys houses across the street from a guy after one date and writes a song about him once he issues a restraining order.

Also, Deacon gives Meagan the Heisman which is one of only two sports reference you’ll ever see here on Possessionista (The other comparing the Bachelor to my Superbowl, because yes I am that lame.)

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Juliette’s black and gray sweater

Helmut Lang


Maddie’s sweater

Free People


Layla’s black trim white blazer

Alice & Olivia


Rayna’s rhinestone earrings

Rebecca Minkoff


Juliette’s print sweater

Alexander McQueen


Rayna’s sequin motorcycle vest: IRO

similar: Catherine Malandrino

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The Bachelor Fashion: Episode 4



The Bachelor is the whitest show on television. And this season is no different. In spite of having a Bachelor of a little bit of color, ABC has supplemented it’s cast with the whitest women to never work as a princess in a Disney theme park.

For example? Juan Pablo’s women of Wonder Bread find out they’re going to South Korea, and Clare who proudly boasts, “I’ve never been anywhere,” frets over what to pack. “I don’t have even have a Kimono.”

Arriving in Seoul (not Soul, ladies) several of the women are awarded the group date, which is performing in a mall with K-Pop group 2NE1. In case you are wondering this is pronounced like Twenty One but that is not how you spell it. I know this because I referred to them as Twenty One and was called a “bitter hoe [sic],” via social media for this egregious offense. Apparently, in addition to being very white, the Bachelor’s audience is also 13-year-old K-Pop aficionados.

4822x2NE1 is kind of like Korea’s One Direction. But they perform at malls. So they’re also a little like Tiffany. In either case, the women on the group date dress up like Justice threw up all over them and they dance like they’re extras from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Throughout the date Juan Pablo keeps mentioning K-Pop and I keep hoping he’s saying “cake pop” because that’s how I roll and I’m trying not to eat refined sugars and stop judging me. Also, not for nothing, but I bet that only Americans call it K-Pop and in Korea they just call it music. Like Chinese food. And soccer.

After they perform at the mall, they meet back for cocktails and Nikki gets all sad and weepy and Juan Pablo gives her the rose. This is a good tip for all you future bachelorettes if you want to know how the Bachelor feels about you. Get really clingy and needy right away, because if he’s into you, he’ll give you the rose. And if he doesn’t? Take advantage of that open bar, because, girl, your days are numbered.

sharleenSharleen gets the one on one date and wears sheer pantyhose with shorts, which is unfathomable to me, but I saw this look a lot at Disney, and someone told me it’s a popular look abroad. So, since Sharleen lives in Germany she gets a pass. Later she sings opera and makes out with Juan Pablo, but luckily this time the camera guy gets smart and shoots from an angle that didn’t make me puke up all the wine I consumed while watching.

Then comes the second group date. Juan Pabs and his ladies hit a place called Dr. Fish Zone, which sounds like a euphemism for the Bachelor Pad, but in reality is a place where piranhas eat the dead skin off your feet. This  doesn’t sound all that bad considering I’ve been in wool socks and boots for about three months now, but this isn’t about me. This is about Clare. The ladies walk the streets of Seoul (not like that, you pervs) and try really exotic foods like octopus. Clare makes a big thing about swallowing the teeniest piece of octopus ever and you just know she’s the kind of girl who only eats buttered noodles and chicken fingers and a garden salad with dressing on the side.

Excuse me, Clare, but if piranhas can eat the dead flesh from Renee’s calloused surfer feet, then I think you can at least suck it up and eat a piece of octopus. When in Rome, and all that.

Later during their one-on-one time Clare admits that when she ate the octopus she threw up in her mouth, but then swallowed it back down, which basically ensures she’s got a spot in the fantasy suites (because, you know…) but Andi gets the rose because she got naked on the first group date. I know this defies all logic, but there it is.

At the rose ceremony, Lauren is eliminated and she thinks it’s because she tried to kiss Juan Pablo and he rebuffed her advances. But I think it’s because if he didn’t want to kiss you, sister, that’s probably a good indication that you’re not going to be Camilla’s next Mommy.

Anyway, that’s it. Tomorrow the Bachelor is back and we’ll get to see Clare do the walk of shame and maybe eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.



Clare’s turquoise necklace

Forever 21


Clare’s keyhole dress



Kelly’s scarf print romper

Ark & Co

KELLY2Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.23.55 AM

Kelly’s pink one shoulder dress



Kat’s sequin dress

Rebecca Minkof

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Cougar Town Fashion from A Trip To Pirate’s Cove


Ellie’s Tweed sweater

J Crew

 When I was younger I had a volatile relationship with a co-worker. He hated me and I did everything in my power to antagonize him. I once overheard him tell a colleague, “she even has a different voice when she’s talking to our boss.”

It was true, of course. Like Ellie’s alter ego on Cougar Town this week, I played a more charming version of myself for the higher ups.

Which may explain why I got away with drinking wine in the hallways while he was relegated to writing copy about supply chain in a cubicle.

Hey, we can’t all be the defacto Mayor’s wife.

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Pretty Little Liars fashion from Bite Your Tongue


Pretty Little Liars fashion

Spencer’s quilted print jacket: Ecote for Urban Outfitters

Spencer’s lace tank: Kimchi Blue

On this week’s Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fieldings’ dad scaled the wall of Rosewood High School to save his daughter and all I could think was, “thank goodness that wasn’t Aria, because there’s no way Byron Montgomery could scale anything at school.”

I mean, besides his student.

In the end, Spencer, always the overacheiver, exercised a little amateur dental work, extracting a note from A from one of Hanna’s impacted molars.

Which, frankly, was the grossest molar cookie I have ever seen.

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Emily’s cut out white top

Made for Impulse via Macys


Aria’s grommet jacket

Black Bess X Uo Grommet Moto Jacket


Emily’s plaid, studded red shirt

Kill City


Aria’s print skater dress TopShop

Collar Necklace: Ted Baker

ariaScreen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.27.18 PM

Aria’s blue leather jacket: Aeropostale ($20!)

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Nashville Fashion: clothes from Just For What I Am


Scarlett’s maxi skirt: Vintage
Top: Haute Hippie

Can you believe it has been this long and I am still living without TV or Internet. I swear if there were an award, like a Grammy or a Spammy or whatever, for bloggers who are addicted to TV and carbs and had to go without the Web for the longest, I would totally win it. This is like a challenge on Survivor.

Only, like, way harder because I can’t even see Jeff Probst.

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Juliette Barnes studded cowboy boots: Frye


Juliette’s velvet raglan tee: rebecca taylor


Juliette Barnes lace, keyhole top: Diane Von Furstenberg

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